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Previous questions

Patient Dxxxx: 08/21/20 3:42 PM

Is EMsculpt suitable for someone who's very active, and lifts weights, but can't get rid of love handles - id just want to target abs and love handles (obliques) - and if so, what is the cost of applications (and how many)

Global Ambassador Answers:
Hello, please send a text.

Patient Cxxxxxxx: 08/04/20 12:28 PM
Hi I would be very interested in the emsculpt - non invasive butt lift. Please can you provide me with the below information.
1. Total price for this
2. If there is a discount for new clients
3. If it can be paid in monthly instalments
4. How long the lift lasts/ how often does this need to be done to maintain lift
5. If there is a deal/ discount if you get the bum lift and slimmer stomach?

Global Ambassador Answers:
Hello, please send a text.

Patient Sxxx:07/26/20 8:01 PM
Is this the a one off usage or has to be done regularly?

Global Ambassador Answers:
Hello, please send a text.
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